Optimized processes enabling breakthrough returns

Bottom lines for all organizations continue to be strained and costs are high and growing.

Soleeds offers customized optimization of cost, revenue, and performance profiles of ongoing enterprises. We also support the design and evaluation of new ventures.

Our customers include hospitals and healthcare organizations as well as banks and other industries.

Our proprietary computer based simulation technologies help organizations –  

  • Achieve higher revenue at lower costs
  • Boost market share
  • Design effective billing practices
  • Streamline services
  • Balance risk and return
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction

Whether upgrading ongoing operations or creating new ones, our technologies enable no-risk trial-and-error exploration of the business values of numerous “what-if” scenarios.

Our custom solutions incorporate processes across the supply chain, within individual organizations, and within individual departments.

Our {high accuracy – long term applicability} forecasts are made possible by our technologies’ ability to uncover subtle albeit critical decision-impacting factors and their odds.

Our low cost pricing structure can be customized to meet the client’s practice.